Non-Binary Teen Dies Following Alleged Assault in Oklahoma High School

Mishap struck the neighborhood Owasso, Oklahoma, as news surfaced of the badly designed death of Nex Benedict, a 16-year-old student who recognized as non-matched. The event, which occurred on February seventh at Owasso Optional School, supposedly elaborate an assault in the young women’s washroom, according to neighborhood outlet KJRH.


Nex’s mother, Sue Benedict, depicted that her adolescent was as far as anyone knows pursued by three additional carefully prepared young women in the bathroom, achieving Nex being pounded to the ground, supporting head wounds. Another transgender student was in like manner purportedly assigned in a comparable episode. Despite the quarrel being isolated by individual students and a washroom escort in something like two minutes, Nex experienced gigantic injuries.

Yet the Owasso Police Division communicated that crisis vehicle organizations weren’t thought of as critical by school specialists, Sue Benedict found Nex with wounds and scratches upon her arrival in the school. Purportedly, the school neither called the police nor a crisis vehicle for Nex and kept on suspending them for an extensive period of time.

The significance of the situation raised when, on February eighth, Nex collapsed at home, inciting Sue Benedict to require a crisis vehicle. Sadly, when emergency clinical specialists appeared, Nex had stopped unwinding. They were verbalized dead before long at the clinical facility.

Considering the episode, the Owasso Police Division ensured everybody of their commitment to a cautious assessment, with interviews advancing and plans to submit disclosures to the Tulsa District Head investigator’s Office for study. The last justification behind Nex’s end not totally settled by the State Clinical Examiner’s Office.

In the meantime, the school conveyed feelings to Nex’s family and underlined their obligation to offering assistance and developing a safeguarded environment for all students. Sue Benedict, in a clarification on GoFundMe, offered gratitude for the liberal flood of help and vowed to regard Nex’s memory by pushing for the honors of children to impart their genuine selves.

The disaster has reignited discussions around torturing and LGBTQ+ opportunities, especially following reported pestering Nex looked since mid 2023, agreeing with the section of against trans washroom guideline in Oklahoma. LGBTQ+ backing packs have denoted Nex’s death a “scorn bad behavior,” refering to the perilous way of talking engendered by state pioneers.

PinkNews searched for extra comment from representatives of Owasso Auxiliary School and the Owasso Police Division. As assessments continue, the neighborhood the lack of Nex Benedict, a young individual whose life was halted amidst a landscape of inclination and bias.